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De Lunes a Viernes, 09h

Jim started on radio in 2001 as host of the breakfast show on the English speaking station in Luxembourg. Despite this being one of the smallest countries in Europe the radio quickly grew to becoming the central media source for English speakers in Lux. In addition to the prerequisite early starts as breakfast host he became the managing director as well as hosting his own TV show in 2004 JKTV.  In 2006 he moved to Thailand and launched a clothing brand “UndercoverUK”. Following 2 sweaty years in Bangkok he moved to Muscat, Oman and was part of the team that launched HI FM 95.9. Middle Eastern culture proved too conservative (I was ejected out of the country!) so he returned to Luxembourg to launch the Financial Public Relations firm TheINsiders. Five years later he decided to return to radio and it was clear that Catalunya had a gap in the market for more English speaking media and especially radio!
with Jim Kent