Your Only Friend


Miércoles, 19h

Your Only Friend (aka Tres Manos) has been diggin’ deep in the crates for the last 25 years. In that time, he has been involved in almost every aspect of the dance music and nightclub industry.  With various residencies and a fan base that doesn’t stop growing, he is a favorite in every city he plays. His exquisite selection of music has continually put him the DJ booths around the globe alongside many of the worlds best DJs. Originally from Washington D.C., He began his musical career originally as Tres Manos around 1992 in Denver.  In 1998 he moved to Barcelona, Spain and has been playing a leading role in city’s Underground House scene ever since.  As a producer, he has a sound that is very personal and in the moment. He does many of his own vocals and has produced for various esteemed labels such as Om records, Aesoteric, Cyclo, Detour, Loudeast, and his very own, Your Only Friend Recordings which has become home to artists such as James Flavour, Rick Wade, Lady Blacktronika, Aiby, and Last Mood.

Depending on the mood that day, expect to hear Dj Mixes, loose tracks of various genres, and a lot of stuff you may not have heard before. Your Only Friend will also feature Artist interviews of DJ, Producers, designers, and pretty much anyone the host finds interesting or a good laugh.

con Tres Manos.